Lifestyle Medicine is not only a course to study but a discipline for living. I was involved with lifestyle medicine in my mid-twenties as my school curriculum but I didn’t realize the importance and exact effect before implementing it in my own daily life. I was lucky to study about Lifestyle Medicine at Loma Linda, which is known for longevity and is considered a Blue Zone.
The healthy lifestyle disciplines that I was taught as part of my curriculum became my motivation to change my life. I started running first as part of my exercise physiology course in school but soon running and exercise became part of my daily life. I also changed my diet to more whole food plant-based diet. The physical and mental benefits I felt as a result of my new lifestyle, changed me forever. I was no longer worried about my health because I was empowered by knowledge of lifestyle medicine. I ran my first full-marathon race before I was thirty years old and afterwards I ran two more full-marathon races as well as five half-marathon races.
It took me less than five years from the time I ran my first mile to the point I became a marathon runner. The magical tool was nothing other than lifestyle medicine.
I wanted to practice what I preach and become a model for healthy lifestyle. Now I proudly present IRAN Association of Lifestyle Medicine (IRALM). Me and Dr. Leila Khalaj have established IRALM as part of a global movement towards healthy lifestyle. We strive to empower Iranians with the most potent tool ever proposed for health promotion.

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