In my search and adventure towards the goal of creating and representing a “Holistic Health Package” to my people in Iran to help them achieve their highest level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, I have found “Lifestyle Medicine (LM)” to be the most compatible evidence-based approach available so far. I am thankful to Dr. Luigi Maselli for introducing LM to me and for connecting me with Dr. Parissa Massahikhaleghi. Our connection and collaboration has boosted our strength as a team to establish IRAN Association of Lifestyle Medicine (IRALM). I am delighted to introduce and spread the science of LM in Iran and I strongly believe this is a huge step forward in the evolution of healthcare. LM is a holistic approach that helps individuals to enjoy healthier and happier lives. My hearty gratitude goes to all LM family members around the globe for their sincere efforts to save and pacify our planet.

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