Dr. Leila Khalaj acquired her Pharm D. degree from Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, and her PhD in Pharmacology from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Currently, she is teaching pharmacology to various disciplines of medical field students as an assistant professor in Guilan University of Medical Sciences. Previously she worked at Alborz University of Medical Sciences as an assistant professor and researcher. Her previous research focus has been mainly on Neuropharmacology and some of her international publications are listed in the following link:
She has also worked as a postdoc fellow at Neuroscience Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, and as a visiting Scholar at Eskitis Institute of Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
Her intense enthusiasm since childhood towards finding a healing elixir to relief others sufferings motivated her to pursue medical field and academia. However, even after all the path she walked through, she was not yet satisfied with only drugs and molecular and cellular approaches to achieve her goals. Therefore, her adventure continued and led her towards studying other healing approaches and modalities that target deeper layers of human being existence and address the root causes of diseases. Yoga and Thetahealing are some of her expertise areas beyond her academic performance and activities. She also realized that functional, integrative and holistic medical approaches are better matches for her expectations. Thus, her research interest changed accordingly and in parallel she continued her efforts to create and represent a Holistic Health Package which considers the whole aspects of human existence: Body, Mind, and Spirit. On this path she was introduced to Lifestyle Medicine (LM) and found it a great scientific and evidence-based match for her goals. She is the co-founder of “IRAN Association of Lifestyle Medicine (IRALM)” and is currently devoting herself to establish, introduce, educate, and spread principles of LM as the Vice-President of IRALM, at both academic and higher education as well as public levels.

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