We are a group of physicians and healthcare specialists with the same goal of advocating healthy lifestyle among Iranians. We established “IRAN Association of Lifestyle Medicine” or “IRALM” in 2018 to share the message of healthy living with a holistic view that addresses all the determinants of health including but not limited to physical, mental, environmental and behavioral factors. Our logo is an eight pointed star (symbol of harmony, redemption and ideal human being) pool with waves of water (symbol of purity and virtue) in it. The yellow dot reflects the sun (symbol of God, light and brightness) and the bird represents Simurgh (symbol of union between the earth and sky). The green leaf at the bird’s beak depicts a leaf from Gaokerena or Tree of Life (symbol of healing). In mythical literature, the flight of Simurgh shook leaves of Tree of Life and spread plant seeds. These seeds spread on the winds of Vayu-Vata and the rains of Tishtrya throughout the planet and healed all the illnesses of our world.


Our association has been established with the goal of promoting health of Iranians and defeating chronic non-communicable illnesses with emphasis on healthy lifestyle disciplines and by means of fundamental changes in daily life. We believe the root causes of many chronic physical and mental illnesses underlie the current lifestyle problems (e.g. unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, stress and anxiety associated with city life, addiction and disregarding emotional needs and support). We are certain that addressing these root causes and changing the current lifestyle is a significant step forward in health promotion.


Experiencing the highest level of health by all the Iranians, increasing quality of life and decreasing the burden of chronic non-communicable illnesses with emphasis on healthy lifestyle disciplines and public education is envisioned in our plan for the next five years. We have started effective communication with other international organizations and pioneer lifestyle medicine societies to support us and to learn from their experiences. IRALM is confident that our aim is achievable within the next five years by assistance from our talented and hard-working national researchers as well as support from international organizations.


  • Public education about healthy lifestyle
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of the society about healthy lifestyle and novel ways for changing behaviors
  • Educating and empowering patients who are already affected by chronic non-communicable illnesses in order
  • to stop the progression, prevent the adverse consequences and even reverse the disease
  • Providing necessary support for changing in lifestyle at both individual and societal levels
  • Designing individual and community-based interventions for encouraging and advocating healthy lifestyle
  • Decreasing the medical costs associated with chronic illnesses
  • Offering a state-of-the-art website with results from the most recent studies concerning lifestyle medicine
  • Educating physicians and healthcare professionals for implementing lifestyle medicine disciplines as the leading approach to prevent and treat chronic illnesses
  • Integrating lifestyle medicine educational courses in the curriculum of medical schools, residency programs and other related fields
  • Holding educational workshops and events for healthcare personnel with reference to lifestyle as medicine
  • Offering International Lifestyle Medicine Board Certificate for participants in educational programs and workshops
  • Organizing events for gathering talented and experienced researchers in health-related fields with purpose of sharing their knowledge and experiences
  • Holding seminars and scientific conferences for advancing communication and upgrading the scientific level of IRALM members
  • Cooperation and collaboration with other national and international organizations considering our aim

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